What we got here is failure to communicate


The Hockey News published a piece on hockey analytics the other day, which set off a tempest in a teapot on Twitter (no, really).

Yes, it was about analytics, but no, this one wasn’t questioning their value or usefulness. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

THN associate editor, Ronnie Shuker, made the case that the problem with analytics isn’t the stats and the analysis, it’s the way they are communicated. And in many ways, I tend to agree with him.

Sure, his piece was at times condescending, but the premise has a semblance of truth to it, even if his conclusion is unsupported by evidence.

But I’m not here to parse the Shuker piece. Instead, I’d like to offer my own thoughts on the state of hockey stats writing and maybe some suggestions on how to improve it.

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